Our unique approach to software development allows us to rapidly build software products which are as reliable and feature rich as off-the-shelf yet tailored to your exact requirements, guaranteed.

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Features and benefits of working with Wildfire

Our Unique Framework

Reliable, secure, extensible and deployed hundreds of times.

Choose a Product

Choose an existing product from our range and we will tailor it to meet your requirements.

Pick and Mix

Blend your own product using existing modules for CRM, HR, ISO9001, Asset Management and many more.

No Hassles

We’ll come to you, ask the right questions, migrate your data, train your key staff. We can even host your solution if you like.


Our friendly team is qualified and certified to the highest level with up to 25 years of experience.

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It’s all in our Process…

Requirements Gathering

Talking to your key stakeholders, looking at existing systems or paperwork and identifying the big wins.

Rapid Proof of Concept

Drawing from our library of existing products and modules, we can build you a proof of concept in no time once you have agreed the specification.


Our application framework is designed to absorb change, so we can quickly tailor the proof of concept to exactly match your requirements.


We will migrate your data, train your staff and support them through this period of change, absorbing feedback as we go.

Products available today include...

Customer relationship management

Spread sheets can seem like the natural choice for keeping a list of your customers and contacts, but once there is more than one contact and more than one meeting things can get difficult to manage.

Sales pipeline management

Keeping track of clients, leads, prospects, quotations and invoices in one place is easy in our management systems and migrating your data is straightforward too.

Quality management systems

A paper based ISO9001 QMS or simple Excel file is fine for reference, but our quality management software can remind you about audits, automatically schedule the next audit, store evidence and notify you when non-conformances need to be completed.

Health and safety

We can automatically integrate our facilities management software with your 3rd party helpdesk, track COSHH information and escalate RIDDOR accidents.

Asset management

From a simple list of assets we can create a living asset management system with automatic rolling programmes of inspections, track repairs and insurance policies and manage alerts.

Healthcare case management

Transform your paper based case management for vulnerable people with our electronic initial assessments, chronology contact history, support plans and onward referrals.

Wildfire Clientele

What our clients say

A job well done, we leave a lasting impression

Rachel Mallett Managing Director, Ipsativity

“Working with Wildfire was a pleasure, the process from my paper idea to the final piece of software was made so easy by the visual journey that Wildfire takes you through.”

Ray JonesTeam Leader, Young Addaction Lancashire

“The company took time to understand our client base, our work, and our needs in terms of outcomes reporting.”

Carl TomlinsonManaging Director, CT Associates

“Wildfire listen very carefully not just to help develop their understanding and create a clear brief, but also to “connect the dots” and see the bigger picture and make sure the solution fits into the whole. ”

John Wilson Project Manager Community Matters Yorkshire

“A key part of this work was to create a more bespoke KPI monitoring tool which has saved the organisation significant amounts of staff resource.”

Victoria Patrick CMgr MCMIEmergency Planning Manager, UK Power Networks

“Wildfire is a joy to work with, extremely professional, knowledgeable, and delivers on time.”

Alicia FittonBusiness and Finance Manager

“The software enables us to quality check, analyse and report on our performance quickly and effectively, complying with our funders’ requirements and supporting our service’s quality standards. ”

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